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Why Certain People Achieve Their Goals, But You Can’t Seem To…Yet


What is it about a goal that keeps it in the dream state? Why is it most goals go by the way side and never see the light of day? Why is it that our brains turn off when it gets too hard? Is it that we are lazy? Is it that we aren’t capable?

It is because most goals lack a plan and discipline. Dreams are usually those possibilities that fit in the “impossible is possible” category. It is meant to be hard work. It’s not that you have become lazy, you just haven’t built a level of discipline necessary to achieve a lofty goal. You want it — yes — but, you don’t want to figure out how to get there. That is exactly why the 1% live like none other. This 1% worked just a little bit harder, they followed the steps, they made the call to the mentor, read the books, did the research, and lived on about 3–4 hours of sleep a night to get there.

You can achieve your goals. You just need to rethink your strategy.


Ask why. Find out what motivates you. Why do you want this so badly? Is it the money? Is it a legacy? If your goal is to “weigh less,” you just won’t make it. Why? There isn’t enough definition. It is arbitrary. There is no end point. Ask why again and again until you finally reach that motivator. Whatever your objective, keep that in your sights and tell yourself it is attainable. This should be the first thing you think about each morning. Write it in your planner on each day at the very top of the page. Stick post it notes all over your house and your office. Set alarms on your phone to remind you of your dream if you must.


This isn’t enough, though. You need to see the vision. A dream is still a dream without a strategy; an action plan. What will it take to achieve your goal? Create checkpoints. Ensure each is specific, measurable, actionable and realistic.


I keep notebooks for each category of writing I’m working on. When I have a new idea for a project and I don’t have my notebook I scratch the idea on a post it and stick it in my notebook when I get home. I use these notebooks to scratch down my thoughts from the day and make sense of it all. My mind is a jumbled mess and this helps me visualize my thought process and ensure it is helping me achieve my goals. It also helps me organize. Use this to remind yourself why you are working so hard to reach this goal.


I have a planner. Yes, a paper and pen planner I keep track of my goings on daily. I never remember to check my phone. I have “focus days” for my activities. For instance, Tuesdays are dedicated to my novel. I edit my book and query and research potential literary agents. Sundays are dedicated to preparing editorial calendar for the week, etc etc. If I didn’t have a schedule I would feel as if everything had to be accomplished in one day. That is not feasible. Also, checking off a to do item is instant satisfaction.


My husband is my support. My mom, dad, sisters, and family are my best support. You are my support-you reading this article inspires me. You can’t shoulder it all alone. You may be the most optimistic person in the room, but I guarantee you have days you feel like you just want to do nothing but watch Fixer Upper all day. I just love Chip and Joanna. Back to my point, everyone needs someone whether you like it or not. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.


When you hit a bump it is very hard to bring yourself back up. Fear takes over and you become irrational. If you have a mindset that set-backs can, and will, happen then you are emotionally prepared and can think rationally during your dig back up.


I know what it is like working 40 hour weeks with a teething one and a half year old. You don’t have much time, other than at night or early morning, to get anything done. At some point your brain will hit overload with all the chaos and thoughts that you feel like you might literally just scream in the middle of an important meeting in front of very important people. Personal days are a way to reclaim your sanity, recollect and level set. It is essential. Don’t wait until you are on the verge of a blow up. Don’t feel bad about it either. You have to take care of you.


It is easy to stay motivated to reach your goals if you follow the steps, but it is nearly impossible if you lose focus. You are your worst enemy. You control your life and the choices you make. Follow the steps, follow your plan, research until you are the expert, and start living your dream.


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