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The Ins and Outs of Working From Home-The True Story of a Work From Home Advocate


It really has its advantages, and it sure beats going into the office right now.

One year ago…

Every morning I awaken to the sound of cars periodically passing the house. Immediately, I feel the nervous pang. You know — the kind that sits deep in your belly. Dread. Now I’m thinking about the To-Do list at work. It is nothing exciting. It isn’t challenging. But, that is the problem. I need a challenge. I crave even just a pinch of passion. I lie in bed through two alarm cycles, but I finally roll myself out of bed just before the third and prepare for the day.

I listen to music on my way into the office — punk rock and rap on good days, new age instrumental on somber ones to help lighten my mood. It has a way of leveling me out before I take those first steps into the building. It takes about an hour to get there, so I can normally get to a fairly motivated space before I get there. That is unless the traffic is bad, and the traffic is almost always bad.

The End.

This used to be my every day, but I finally got out. I went remote, and I could never go back, not after the magic that is working from home.

Toward the end of my time in my last role, I was quite honestly fed up with the work. It was monotonous, draining, passionless, and not challenging. I was convinced these were the reasons I began my search for the next chapter. I craved a challenge. I needed a change of pace. I wanted to feel like I was doing something to help on a broader scale.

It wasn’t until later, when I came back into the office for a computer configuration, that I realized a large part of what I was fed up with was simply the office. The dread came rushing back. As a matter of fact, the office may have been the core reason for the anxiety I had felt.

The Anxiety

The traffic

Two hours of my day was spent in traffic with reckless drivers weaving in and out, constant accident notifications, and too much idling just to go 7 miles.

The dreary building

Oftentimes, I was greeted with an empty building. I turned on the lights most mornings. The empty, dull, yellow walls would surround me as I walked down our hall. Our building is ugly, musty, and dirty. It isn’t something you want to look at all day long.

Bad vibes

No matter where you work there is always drama, which leads to a ton of negative energy. You can feel it slap you in the face when you walk in. I’m not kidding. It is thick.

The people

Don’t get me wrong. I like the people I worked with, even with all the drama. But, I tend to be a loner. I don’t enjoy small talk, neither do I enjoy the distraction of working around a ton of people. Call me antisocial, but I like to think of it as an abhorrence toward unnecessary bullsh*t, which is what you normally find in office building settings.

It got to the point I would have multiple panic attacks a day. You might find that a bit extreme, but it was my life. Years of living a situation that didn’t work for me culminated in living life in an almost constant state of panic. Those were dark times…

Working from home has been a blessing for me personally for many reasons, but it could be the answer for you as well. It is important to consider these benefits as we move through this unique worldwide experience requiring many to work from home.

I hope you take a moment to read the bright side of things.

The Brightside

You control your space

Hate being cold at work? Tired of the dull, yellow walls and no windows? Sick and tired of smelling your co-workers’ tuna sandwich or microwaved salmon lunch every day? Refuse to drink water during the day so you don’t have to go into the restroom with two broken stalls that can’t seem to be fixed?

Consider your problems solved. You control your space. You can keep that temp at 81 degrees if your little heart desires. You can paint your walls a soft pink, fill your shelves with all the best books for motivation, and hang that cat poster you love so much. It doesn’t matter! You can do it all.

Having the freedom to create and control your own space has so much power. Certain colors calm or motivate. Being surrounded by your favorite things may bring you comfort. Having light and plants in your space can also improve your mood and energy levels. The important thing to remember here is that everyone has different tastes. Customizing your space to suit your personality and energy has the power to improve your level of motivation, thus improving your productivity and creative thinking capability.


How many times have you had to take time off of work to meet someone at your house to fix your roof, maintain your HVAC, or fix other minor or major house issue? How often do you have to spend money to go out to lunch because you forgot to pack one? How much time off have you had to take since your child (ren) has been out of school?

Working from home gives you the flexibility to handle all these things with little to no stress (minus the children thing. THAT is stressful). Kidding aside, having the ability to keep working and provide for my family while my child is out of school for (likely) the rest of the school year is a blessing.

Also, you can no longer use the excuse “I don’t have time to work out.” I just got back two hours in my day. I have plenty of time to work out.

No more professional work clothes

This one could fall on both sides of the spectrum. On the plus side of not having to wear professional clothing anymore: they are expensive, most of the time uncomfortable, heels have permanently disfigured and damaged my feet, and I have more closet space. On the downside: wearing leggings every day has given me false confidence in my body. Leggings always fit; therefore, I don’t have a constant reminder of my waistline. Hah. And, blah.

Less daily stress

I think I mostly covered this in my introduction. Traffic really gets my blood boiling, especially when there are idiots not paying attention and texting on their cellphones or applying makeup. Also, I’m an introvert. I simply enjoy working alone. Scooting out of my comfort zone is exhausting! Mental exhaustion = stress=uncontrolled anxiety.

Removing these stressors from my life has been life-changing. I don’t get sick as often. I’m in a better mood. I am more motivated. And quite frankly, my husband likes me better.

Save money

Did I already mention professional work clothes are expensive! So is gas. So is therapy necessitated by those daily stressors! I am also saving $200 a month by not having to pay for a parking space. Yes, my electric bill may be slightly higher, but I’m still saving a ton of money.

Work from anywhere

Sure, I call it work from home, but you could really work from anywhere that has a wi-fi connection (maybe not right now, but in normal circumstances). Picture this — a beautiful, warm summer day relaxing by the pool, catching some rays, and working on work tasks.


Say you love the aesthetic of your local coffee shop? Hook it up and get to work.

Working from home seems pretty perfect, right? It is for me, but it may be quite an adjustment for some. There are some downsides, of course.

The Downside

You may feel a lack of community

If you enjoy your morning water cooler chats, group lunches, and meetings face to face with your colleagues then you may have some time adjusting. However, there are ways to counteract the withdrawal.

-Zoom meetings. There you are, face to face, just not in person. Think about it. You have the ability to read body language without all the germs and uncomfortable clothing.

-Coffee dates. Early morning coffee dates are the best. Want to catch up with a co-worker? Grab a peppermint mocha and gab-on first thing in the morning before signing into work.

Difficulty focusing

Some may look around the house and feel unsettled until a home task or the home-improvement project is complete. You do have to have a certain level of discipline when you work from home.

It helps when you have a specified workspace or home office. You don’t have to have an office per se, but it does help to have a designated workspace. Make sure it is free from distractions (laundry or unorganized pantry) and surrounded by colors, objects, music, or books that motivate you.

With that being said…

The fact is, we are facing difficult times right now. Normal might not be showing up for a while. The key is to make the best of it. Focus on the bright side of working from home, if you have the opportunity to work from home. It has been a blessing for me. It could be a blessing for you as well.


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